Finanspolitiska rådet

Background Reports

In addition to the main report, the Council also commissions background reports from independent scholars. These in-depth studies of different aspects of fiscal policy are published in the series Studier i finanspolitik (Studies in fiscal policy). 

The background reports are published online in May and in print during the autumn.

The background reports written in English are listed below. For a complete list, visit the Swedish web page.


2017/1 Herman Donner, Peter Englund and Mats Persson
Distributional Effects of Deregulating the Stockholm Rental Housing MarketPDF


2015/2 Giancarlo Corsetti and Gernot J. Müller
Fiscal multipliers: Lessons from the Great Recession for small open economiesPDF


2014/2 Dirk Niepelt
Financial PolicyPDF


2013/1 Per Molander and Jörgen Holmquist
Reforming Sweden's budgetary institutions - background, design and experiencesPDF

2013/3 VTI (The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute)
Systemic errors in the transport sectorPDF

2013/4 Erling Steigum
Sovereign wealth funds for macroeconomic purposesPDF

2013/5 Peter Birch Sørensen
The Swedish housing market: trends and risksPDF


2012/1 Christian Hagist, Stefan Moog and Bernd Raffelhüschen
A Generational Accounting Analysis of SwedenPDF

2012/3 Georg Marthin
Measuring Mismatch in the Swedish Labour MarketPDF


2011/1 Helge Bennmarker, Lars Calmfors and Anna Larson
Wage Formation and the Swedish Labour Market Reforms 2007-2009PDF

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