Finanspolitiska rådet

Presentations 2015

  • Presentation on Fiscal federalism
    Annual Research Conference 2015, European Commission, 23 November 2015

    John Hassler PresentationPDF
  • Meeting with the Central Bank of Holland
    Stockholm, 2 October 2015

    Karolina Holmberg and Niklas Frank
  • Seminar on Fiscal Policy Frameworks
    Prague, 2 October 2015

    John Hassler
  • Seminar on structural reforms - presentation regarding the Swedish experience
    Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, 16 September 2015

    John Hassler
  • Meeting with the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament
    Stockholm, 1 June 2015

    John Hassler and the secretariat
  • Meeting with John Janssen from the New Zealand Treasury
    Stockholm, 27 May 2015

    Joakim Sonnegård and Niklas Frank PresentationPDF
  • Meeting with the Embassy of Estonia
    Stockholm, 20 March 2015

    Joakim Sonnegård PresentationPDF
  • Meeting with the Icelandic Parliamentary Budget Committee
    Stockholm, 3 March 2015

    Irma Rosenberg, Joakim Sonnegård and Niklas Frank PresentationPDF
  • Meeting with the public finance division of the Danish Economic Councils
    Stockholm, 23 January 2015

    Secretariat PresentationPDF

The Council's Report