Finanspolitiska rådet

Presentations 2008

  • Seminar on the stability pact at ECB, Frankfurt, June 9, 2008. Lars Calmfors Slides
  • Presentation at Norges Bank, Oslo, 5 November 2008. Lars Calmfors  Slides
  • Presentation at the Government Institute for Economic Research "The Role of Research and Researchers in Economic Policy Making - Some Personal Reflections", Helsinki, October 2 2008. Lars Calmfors  Slides
  • Meeting with the OECD policy mission to Sweden, June 18, 2008. Lars Calmfors and Thomas Eisensee Slides
  • Seminar on the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council and the Swedish fiscal policy framework at ECB, Frankfurt, June 10, 2008. Lars Calmfors Slides
  • Presentation at Stockholm School of Economics, May 30, 2008. Lars Calmfors Slides
  • Meeting with delegation from the federal state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Committee for Budgetary and Financial Affairs, May 21, 2008. Lars Calmfors, "Swedish Fiscal Policy 2008" SlidesThomas Eisensee, "The Long-Run Sustainability of Swedish Fiscal Policy" Slides
  • Round table meeting with delegation from the Chinese government headed by Vice Minister Liu He of the Office of the Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs, February 15, 2008. Lars Calmfors, "The Government Budget Process and the Role of the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council" SlidesThomas Eisensee, "The Sustainability of Swedish Fiscal Policy" Slides

The Council's Report