Finanspolitiska rådet

Finanspolitiska rådet
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Presentations and meetings

  • Hearing at the Budget Committee of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
    Prague, 9 October 2014
    Joakim Sonnegård PresentationPDF
  • Workshop "EU IFIs and the New EU Fiscal Framework"
    The Council for Budget Responsibility in Slovakia, Bratislava, 8-9 oktober 2014
    Karolina Holmberg and Johanna Modigsson
  • Meeting with IMF delegation for the Article IV consultation for Sweden
    Stockholm, 3 June 2014 John Hassler and the secretariat PresentationPDF
  • Meeting with OECD delegation
    Stockholm, 15 May 2014 John Hassler and the secreteriat PresentationPDF
  • Meeting with the Spring 2014 forecast mission of the European Commission
    Stockholm, 27 March 2014 The staff of the Fiscal Policy Council met with representatives from the European Commission's Spring 2014 forecast mission.
  • Meeting with delegation from Japan's Ministry of Finance
    Stockholm, 19 February 2014 Joakim Sonnegård and Niklas Frank
  • Meeting with the Plan and Budget Committee of the Turkish Parliament
    Stockholm, 21 January 2014 Joakim Sonnegård and Niklas Frank PresentationPDF
  • Inquiry before the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament
    Video conference, 11 December 2013 Joakim Sonnegård Response to the questions of the CommitteePDF
    Link to reportexternal link, opens in new window

  • The secreteriat visits the National Audit Office of Finland
    National Audit Office of Finland, Helsinki, 25 September 2013 ProgrammePDF

  • Panel discussion "Surplus target in focus"
    Timbro, Stockholm, 11 June 2013 Joakim Sonnegård
  • Workshop on Public Financial Management
    IMF and DG ECFIN, Brussels, 28 May 2013 Lars Jonung PresentationPDF
  • Presentation of the Council's 2013 report at LO, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation
    Stockholm, 31 May 2013 Irma Rosenberg
  • Presentation of the Council's 2013 report at The Swedish Agency for Public Management
    Stockholm, 22 May 2013 Joakim Sonnegård
  • Public hearing on the Council's 2013 report arranged by the parliamentary Committee on Finance
    Riksdagen, Stockholm, 21 May 2013 Lars Jonung and Anders Björklund
  • Presentation of the Council's 2013 report at the Ministry of Finance
    Stockholm, 17 May 2013 John Hassler

The Council's Report

Background Reports 2014

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