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More on Swedish Fiscal Policy

The Government Offices of Sweden (Regeringskansliet)external link, opens in new window
In the national budget, the Government sets out the direction of economic policy. The Spring Fiscal Policy Bill contains the broad guidelines for economic and budget policy over the next few years. The Budget Bill, delivered in the autumn, provides detailed proposals on the allocation of government expenditures and revenue to different areas.

Budget statement for 2014external link, opens in new window
Summary of the Spring Fiscal Policy Bill for 2013external link, opens in new window
Economic and budget policy guidelines 2012PDF
The Swedish fiscal policy frameworkPDF

National Institute of Economic Research (Konjunkturinstitutet) external link, opens in new window
The National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) performs analyses and forecasts of the Swedish and international economy and conducts related research. The Institute is a government agency accountable to the Ministry of Finance. Like other Swedish government agencies, NIER has an independent status and is responsible for the analyses and forecasts that it publishes.

Parliamentary Committee on Finance (Finansutskottet)external link, opens in new window
The Committee prepares matters concerning general guidelines for financial policy, adoption of the central government budget and matters regarding the activities of the Riksbank. It also prepares matters relating to expenditure limits for expenditure areas and estimates of State revenue. The Committee has a public hearing on the report of the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council once a year.

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen)external link, opens in new window
Finansinspektionen is a public authority. The role of the authority is to promote stability and efficiency in the financial system as well as to ensure an effective consumer protection. FI authorises, supervises and monitors all companies operating in Swedish financial markets. FI is accountable to the Ministry of Finance.

The Swedish National Audit Office (Riksrevisionen)external link, opens in new window
The Swedish NAO is part of the central control power of the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament). The NAO ensures that the Riksdag receives a coordinated and independent audit of the state finances. This assignment is unique as the NAO is the only body that can audit the entire state finances.

Application of the framework of fiscal policyPDF

The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV)external link, opens in new window
The ESV develops efficient financial management for central government agencies, and analyses andmakes forecasts of central government finances. The ESV is a central administrative agency under the Ministry of Finance.

Council's Report
Background Reports 2013
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